Success, It’s Not Always What You See


It’s easy especially in weight loss to confuse success with only pounds lost, sizes dropped, etc. But remember in weight loss there are some other things that happen to us on our journeys that make us successful. In my case overcoming my severe depression is my greatest success in my journey, those who personally know me would wholehearted agree. When you get upset by numbers not being “enough,” think about all the other wonderful things that you have accomplished while on your journey whether it being doing a 5K or longer (I, myself have completed 6 5Ks), overcoming depression, getting a promotion, strengthening your marriage, etc. The list can go on and on and success is truly what you see it to be not what others think.

Can You Help Me?

I’m working on my presentation for WordCamp North Canton that I’m giving on May 3. I have a question and would love some feedback.

Why do you choose to follow weight loss or weight loss surgery blogs/social media? How do they help you in your journey?

Please post your responses in the comments!

Thank you!

New Before And Current!



I hope everyone is having a good Monday, it’s my day off work and so far I am enjoying it. Relaxing at home with my husband as my car is getting fixed at the dealership, thank goodness for warranties so there is no cost to me! That always makes a day better. Later my husband and I are going to dinner with my brother and parents since I worked on Easter Sunday and did not get to join my family for dinner. My week is going to be pretty uneventful until the weekend, I just have to work. This weekend my brother and I are driving down to visit my sister and spend a few days with her. My brother and sister are moving from Ohio to Oregon this summer and this will be one of the last times we all get to spend time together like this, it’s bittersweet. My husband and I are moving into our first house in early June but it is only about 10 minutes from where we live now and it’s actually back to my hometown. This summer will be life changing for all of us I believe but in different ways.

I leave you with a new before and current picture, I am finally losing the prednisone “moon face,” I have had all year due to the medication. Tomorrow I go to 10 mgs where I will stay until at least my next kidney doctor appointment in two weeks. Like I said last week after the ER visit everything is function as it should be and actually the best it has been all year, I hope it continues!

“Keep a good attitude and do the right thing even when it’s hard. When you do that you are passing the test.” ~Joel Osteen


Happy Easter

Good morning and Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a great holiday! I will be spending my holiday at work unfortunately but my family and I are going to go out to dinner tomorrow since I’m off then so I will still get to have time with my family. I am spending this time before work today with my husband if he ever gets out of the shower.

Today is the best I felt all week. I felt like last night I got a pretty good night’s sleep so that helped quite a bit I think. Hopefully the good feeling continues and I’m trying my best not to stress also!


Relax, Easier Said Than Done

I am feeling better today than I have been, enough to take a 2.25 mile walk but now a few hours later I am exhausted and feel weak again. I have a feeling my poor health this week has been do to stress and poor sleep these past few weeks. I’m waking up entirely too early in the mornings and my sleep has been poor. Insomnia is nothing new to me. Even with a prescription for Ambien every night. I am still a poor sleeper. I just feel mentally and physically exhausted, it’s been a rough year! But it’s getting better.

I need to work on some stress reduction and relaxation techniques. I worry too much and always have. Having others tell me to relax or even tell myself to relax is easier said than done. But I am trying! I found an article on WebMD with 10 relaxation tips to get rid of stress fast. I am going to give there techniques a try and here are things I already do in the areas they suggested.

1. Meditate: this is something I have tried before bed and it does help me when I can calm down enough to get into it.

2. Breathe deeply: this goes with mediation for me. I have been in various in and out patient therapy groups during my life and have learned breathing techniques. I really need to apply them in my life right now!

3. Be present: don’t worry about the past and don’t focus too much on the future. I’ve gotten much better about this but still have a ways to go.

4. Reach out: I do this via social networking and by talking to my family and the few friends I have.

5. Tune in to your body: I can tell where my stress is right now, my head aches and my shoulders are very tense. I need to work on these areas and relax!

6. Decompress: a hot bath helps me and my peppermint oil that I rub on my head and temples for my headaches, both help relax me. Massages help too!

7. Laugh out loud: going to a comedy show or watching my favorite comedian on YouTube always helps me relax, one of the ways I overcame my depression was learning how to laugh again.

8. Crank up the tunes: I love listening to music, mainly in my car. Sometimes I’ll just hop in the car and drive with the radio up.

9. Get moving: exercise or a simple walk helps me. I’ve been slacking in this department this year due to my health problems but I have been slowly easing back into it.

10. Be grateful: they suggest journaling, this blog is my journal. Sharing my feelings and trying to work through them has helped me all these years.

Do you have any techniques that work for you? Share them with me! 

This kitten has the right idea!

This kitten has the right idea!

A Trip To The ER

I’m happy to report that my creatinine (tests kidney function) is the lowest it’s been all year and that my hemoglobin it’s the highest its been all year. I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, I’ve actually missed work Tuesday and yesterday. I was concerned that my kidneys were not functioning well again since I have having similar symptoms to the beginning of the year but a trip to the ER yesterday afternoon confirms that everything is functioning how it should be and better than it was at the end of March. All good news. There was no cause for concern in my blood tests. They think I might be just coming down with a minor illness or something. I still don’t feel that great today. It could be because I feel stressed to the max! I’m resting at home again today and was already off work tomorrow. So I will go back to work Saturday afternoon.

I tried to avoid the ER I hoped to resolve my fears of a relapse by calling the nephrologist’s office on Tuesday. I tried contacting my nephrologist twice, leaving messages that were never returned, usually I don’t have problems with that office. It turns out that the doctor never received her messages because he is out of town for the week, and the doctor available was never given my messages. I find this out on my way to the ER yesterday afternoon. At least by going to the ER I was able to resolve my fears that I was in kidney failure again.

I will take this time off to work on my presentation for WordCamp North Canton which is only two weeks away. I am speaking and I haven’t worked on my presentation yet. I better get moving.

“Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” ~Theodore Vail