500 Miles In 2014 Walking Campaign




Registration Closed on December 31, 2013


What is 500 Miles In 2014?

500 miles in 2014 is my goal for you and myself! I love walking and walking is a great exercise to begin with if you aren’t very active yet. It’s free, peaceful, a great bonding experience with loved ones and something we all can do! Anyone can participate! You do not have to be a weight loss surgery patient to participate.

500 miles might seem like a lot but log 10 miles a week and you will exceed that! I will offer you encouragement along the way and try to provide relevant information about walking! You can do this!

I intend and prefer the miles you submit to me to be extra exercised miles and not everyday activity like walking around at your job, etc. Biking is not an activity that counts for this particular campaign but treadmill, hiking, walking, and elliptical are all acceptable. While I obviously have no control over what you choose to submit to me, I ask you to use your judgement so that the playing field can remain level for all.

How Will I Log My Mileage?

To participate you will log your mileage through the year and you will submit your monthly mileage number via PollDaddy in order to be eligible for the prize drawings.

Those who reach 500 miles logged by December 31, 2014 will be entered for a chance to win one of three grand prizes. Those who log at least 40 miles in a month will be entered for a chance to win a monthly prize(s). Unfortunately I can only ship to the USA for the prize drawings. If you are outside of the USA but have someone in the USA who could except your prize in the mail that would be fine however you need to contact me at bariatricbeginnings@gmail.com so that I can include you in the prize running.

I will be announce at the beginning of the month what the prize (s) will be for the month. You will have a few days at the beginning of each month to get your mileage in, in order to be prize eligible for that month. If  you don’t get it in by the deadline you aren’t eligible for that monthly prize drawing. But if it is still turned in you call still stay in the running for the grand prize drawing. I will announce what the grand prizes are towards the end of the year.

Winners are chosen via a random number generator.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration closed on December 31, 2013. It is too late to sign up and walk for prizes. You are welcome to walk and track your own mileage however!

I’m excited for you to participate with me!  You can start logging your mileage on January 1, 2014 and the last day for logging with be December 31, 2014. You must be registered and have submitted your mileage every month to be eligible for the grand prize drawings at the end of the year.

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